Recent function gigs


I have had some great function gigs lately!

The following is a bit of a ramble about a few of the functions I’ve done of late. Other gigs like jazz gigs/jams etc. aren’t in this post, but I will put more up about those soon.

This Saturday just gone (2oth May) I was in Sheffield with a band called The Ushers, with whom I really enjoy working. It’s a nice hang and they choose some great tunes that I’m not used to playing at weddings. I know it’s cheesy and all, but I enjoyed playing ‘Dancing on the ceiling’ and ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ as it was refreshing to do some (slightly) more complicated stuff harmonically/structurally.

I don’t know why, but I get a kick out of performing tunes that have more convoluted forms to them, with lots happening. To me, it feels really positive when I know that I’ve played everything as close to the record as possible, or at least have given it a really good go, especially when the song is a bit more of a challenge. This is why accurately charting out tunes helps me as I find it tricky to memorise everything, due to my gigs mostly being dep work and there being different repertoires needed for different gigs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the time to properly transcribe some of the set. I did however, write myself out some cheat sheets which are extremely useful.

Writing out cheat sheets for function gigs. The image is of the cheat sheets.
Essentially, these were just some very rough chord charts with basic structures to them. Vital!

I think it’s best to do this style of transcription when you are pushed for time or have lots of tunes to learn. It’s invaluable to have accurate structures written down too.

The gig was great fun! We played in the heart of Sheffield at the Millenium Gallery and there were some great moments.

A recent wedding I played at in Sheffield.
The multi-coloured Chinese lanterns were a nice touch.

The previous Saturday (13th May), I was in Kingston-upon-Thames in a wedding venue with the narrowest stage door I’ve ever seen. It was tricky to get some of the gear in! Apart from that it was another really lovely gig, with some friends, and some new people I hadn’t met before (one of whom has given me eight more dates to put in the diary, which was nice).

Here, the guitarist and drummer are setting up before the gig.
The guys setting up before the gig.

The onstage sound was great! I could hear my rig perfectly. It makes the gig that much better when you can properly hear yourself.

The Sunday before that I was with one of my good friend’s, Chris Pusey, and his band The Vibrations. This was the one that I used those transcriptions of ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ and ‘…baby one more time’ for and I’m so glad I did. The rest of the band were completely on it and were tight as anything, so I had to make sure I was too.

Reading wedding.
A wedding in Reading. Beautiful venue with a waterfall just out of shot.

Hidden deep in the countryside, this charming old mill had a waterfall outside which created a lovely ambience. I love countryside gigs.

Animated image of me playing on stage.
Animated gif!!! Because it’s still as cool as it was in the 90’s/2000’s right?! 😉 Click/tap on it for it to work.

It’s been a pretty busy month. It’s been a lot of fun doing these gigs and I’m looking forward to the summer where there’ll be a load more!

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