Some function charts, Musescore and other thoughts

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(Free bass parts to function tunes below…)

Ben Hearn at a big band gig with sheet music.
An accidental selfie (taken whilst trying to record video of myself for showreel purposes) at a swing big band gig.

Due to having quite a few functions coming up where I will be standing in for somebody else, I have decided to try and get really quick at transcribing pop tunes. This is because I can use the chart on the night of the gig and aim to play the song as accurately as possible to the original recording. Check out this great video from Adam Neely  who talks about this exercise and how to get quicker at it.

Some of my students have asked which software I use to transcribe. I’m using the really rather good Musescore which is free and is, in my opinion, very easy to learn and use. I feel it needs saying at this point that I am really thankful to the developers at Musescore for creating such a comprehensive and substantial piece of software for free. If you can’t afford Sibelius, this is a great alternative! It’s available for PC, Mac and Linux and is well worth getting, I think.

Anyway, the following charts took me a while to do, so I thought rather than just myself benefiting from them, perhaps they can be of use to others. Please feel free to have a look and use them on gigs or at home. I have tried to be 99% accurate with it, but have made some movements towards trying to make things more readable, and using fewer pages/less whitespace. For example, I feel that certain fills or embellishments can sometimes be omitted if the rest of a section can be repeated without them and it doesn’t detract from the overall feel or harmonic movement of the line. In other words, if it’s not vital to the tune, it doesn’t always end up on the page. I feel it’s just a way of de-cluttering the notation and making sure we don’t have to turn pages too often. If anyone spots any errors, please get in touch and I will try to correct them. I intend to do more pop charts so stay tuned!

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Hit Me Baby One More Time – bass part

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – bass part

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